Monday, September 26, 2016

Stranger Things, IRL

Bo wanted to go to Hawaii, so we went to Hawaii. A week into his COBRA ending. So he had a new insurance company, a new infusion company, and ten thousand miles of travel during the transition. I'm a great planner.

Also, sand. He hates sand. I did mention that we were going to an island in the middle of the ocean, on the equator, where it would be hot, sunny and sandy. All the things he hates. He still wanted to go. So we went.

Before leaving, the new insurance company called me to warn me that Omegaven will never be covered by our plan, and that we won't even have an opportunity to appeal the denial. So when we got home to our dwindling supply, I saw their letter and shoved it to the bottom of the pile. We got home the Sunday before Labor Day, and school started on Tuesday. We had two whole days to transition six time zones. Did I mention what an awesome planner I am? For grown-ups. I've only been wrangling children for 10 years.

What? Anyway, I digress. So I opened the last letter on Labor Day. It was an approval of Omegaven. By the new insurance company. I had already made a clinic appointment in Boston for Bo, and purchased airline tickets for him and his dad. And now we would need neither. A shocking and incredible problem to have. 

But believe me. I did not cancel a damn thing until I had confirmation that our infusion company had his Omegaven within an hour of the house.

So we had a great summer, and awesome vacation, and now we have Omegaven being delivered to the house again.

I did cry, cuz, duh. But also because it was actually unbelievable. Like everything else about this kid.