Friday, December 7, 2012


People ask about traditions, and all I can say about them is that ours are mostly intangibles. Or maybe we're just slobs. Probably, since having Bo, we've been too distracted by his very fast-track to death (which clearly was obviated), to worry about pinteresting crafty Christmas tree linens out of the dryer lint and apple cores (jk, that is NOT a real craft).

Mostly, I'm looking for ways to minimize Bo's pain and discomfort, and prevent him from contracting a communicable disease that would shorten his life.

Also, it turns out that he can get bacterial overgrowth. Not really sure I was convinced that someone who seemed to have hypermotility could, but he can. SO we are now trying to cycle through various probiotics (to minimize use of and developing resistance to, antibiotics) to keep that at bay. So far, the old stand-by, Flagyl, has been great. But now it's time to cycle something else, so that doesn't lose its effectiveness.

We'll keep you posted. Till then, carry on.