Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chapter 3: spring forward

The ENT gave us a surgery mitigation plan that has a slim chance of working: aggressively pursue feeding therapy (ie oral stimulation program) to get higher rates of saliva flowing, take a course of antibiotics to get the plugged ducts less plugged, and encourage less mouth-breathing.

So far, the results are good! The lump in his face definitely feels smaller, praise the LORD! And he seems to be in higher spirits. Although we spent bedtime looking at his junior human anatomy book, per his request, discussing facial anatomy and what we think is going on with his face.

In other happier news: there are no longer frost-bite warnings, Bo's glasses came in and they look great (he wears them ~60% of the time at school), he's finally outgrown his 4Ts and some of his 5T clothes, and his bone scan shows age appropriate density (this is REALLY good).

Our long-time infusion pharmacy was acquired by Walgreens and the transition has been only "OK." The next shipment needs to be perfect, or I will unleash the screaming rage I've felt about this neverending winter on their pharmacist manager, completely unrepentantly. I'm thisclose to doing so.

I dropped my phone in the (clean) toilet. Looks like I bricked it. I can still retrieve my vm's, but I have to go through the web-widget and I'm lazy, so it might be a while.

Happy LENT, all!