Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chapter 4: slogging through 46 days in the desert

A sweet friend from high school has a tumblr project for Lent, and pointed out, in a recent post, that Lent is 46 days. You get back to 40 by skipping the Sundays. It's so much like the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Everyone calls it 9 months, but it's really more like 10. Everyone uses the smaller number to make you feel better. It just makes the whole business seem an eternity.

So with Bo's cheek. It seems like this lump has been there, worrying us all, for eternity. In reality, it's been a month. AND, it's getting noticeably smaller. WOOT!

I can't recall if I mentioned it already, I've worked 10-12 hour days the last week, so if you're trying to message or call me and I'm ignoring you, it's because my phone drowned. Revelation: the only thing I miss about it is messaging and bluetooth headphones/music. But connectivity is a must for Mr. Bo, in the case of untoward events.