Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sucker, Punch.

I'm sure it wasn't there long. My kids are used to my constant hugs and caresses. They brace for impact when they hear the door slam shut as I enter the house. So, I'm sure that lump on his cheek couldn't have been there more than a day. I noticed it on Saturday. It seemed bigger on Sunday. He winced as I palpated it, to check if it was hard, lumpy or immobile (all really bad things). It was none of those things.

But it was tender, and seemed to be getting bigger. So we called for an appointment Monday, saw the doctor today, got referred to the otolaryngologist today and added an ultrasound of his cheek to his already scheduled radiology appointment on Friday. I'm hoping the specialist can see us sooner rather than later. Because all I can do while I'm working on the Company's most important Application is weep silently in my cubicle.

While it's true that we don't know what it is or what Bo will have to endure, it is also true that I am prone to catastrophic thinking (because, why the hell not?). And anyway, who doesn't like a good cry? So now that I've been sobbing, weeping and leaking tears for hours, I think I will collapse into bed.

Pray for me (selfish to ask for me 1st, but hey, Lent doesn't start for a whole 'nother week!), pray that Bo's cheek lump resolves without intervention, pray that my spouse can put up with all my weeping, pray that Ahn decides that the last year of potty training was not a joke.

But hey, Bo's line turned 5 this week! so we went to see the kids' 1st run theatre movie (LEGO movie) to celebrate. We all loved it! And having such a fun, refreshing weekend definitely put me in a power position when faced with this new plot twist. Now, for bed.