Saturday, September 8, 2012


At the last minute, angels swept in, did the blood draw the midnight before school started, and Bo walked into school with all the other kindergarteners. I cried. I did not think I would, I'm sure my cry was very different from other parents', but I did, I cried. To see the school district's head nurse, Bo's schoolroom nurse, our good friend (also a nurse), and Bo. It was overwhelming to see and feel so much support. So many people who helped in so many ways, both visible and invisible, to achieve something that so many said was impossible.

And today, the first weekend after the first week of school, Bo's infection is officially clear. I am back to laundry and facebook. Bo is back to Lego's and libraries. We are as back to normal as we will ever get.

I have deadlines, and surprises at work. Jose has plans and art to create. Ahn has yogurt and rice to splatter across the house.

We get another tomorrow, together.