Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Year of the Black Water Snake

The dark waters and stealthy energy of the snake are upon us. I cannot wait for the surprises this year will bring, I can only offer this: a long and patient welcome. With the planning and organizing that years of formal education and corporate employment has trained into instinct, I will bring my best preparedness to the table.

And I'm pretty sure that once seated, it becomes clear that we are not at table. But maybe a zeppelin in outer space. Or in a castle of unicorns. Nonetheless, the preparations will serve me well, I'm sure, in the least expected dimension.

There are some years that I wasn't sad to say goodbye to, or were so entrenched in mental-emotional fog that I remember little. 2012 was a beautiful year for me: I got my brain back. We will remember it fondly. And 2013 will be its own exciting adventure.