Friday, March 7, 2014

chapter 2...

The ENT was so in love with the kids, she took pictures of their big cheesy smiles before getting down to nitty gritty. Who knew she'd be obsessed with the batmobile and Ahn would waltz in with her batman T and cape!

The good news is that, "it's not some scary, weird cancer." I love to be able to quote a surgeon in words that give so much relief and make total sense. The bad news is that Bo may be facing surgery to remove his adenoids. Tho, anyone in the know, will know that this is about as quick and routine a surgery as they come. It's the '70's version of our new millenial ear-tubes surgery.

As I was putting him to bed, we went over the clinic visit and the very probable surgery. Bo got a little misty, which I found perplexing, although not quite as strange as his not having followed every word of the clinic visit. For a guy who has memorized every word of every book he has ever read, and who spends so much time eavesdropping on my conversations, he pretty much zoned out at an appointment that was both FOR and ABOUT him. Sigh. Thanks, 6-year-old-obsessed-with-fart-jokes brain.

So we talked about some basic facial anatomy, about the brevity of the procedure (it helped that we've read "What do people do all day" a zillion times, because I was able to reference the pages where the rabbit family goes to the hospital and the bunny gets her tonsils out- which aren't the same as adenoids, but close enough to satisfy Mr. Bo), and about how his sister has stinky feet. That got some big laughs. Then I turned off the light, Ahn fell on her head and cried, and everyone went to bed.

The end (: