Sunday, April 28, 2013

I regret being well-rested, said no mother, ever

And yet, here I am. Surfing, listening to the shushing of the cycling baby monitor, up waaay past my bedtime. There are 6 loads of laundry waiting to be folded (the sitter folded a grand total of ONE), and all sorts of administrative things I could be doing (last year's taxes, oh... and the year before's), besides the most pressing of all (sleep).

Although Bo has stopped growing (no one knows why, but we are going to find out, dammit!), as in not a centimeter in many months, and the constant IV drug shortages are nerve-wracking, the truth is, the kid is full of vinegar (as in, up at 6:30am, jumping on my bed and demanding we "watch my jig!"). And the other truth is, while all that may be contributing to my poor sleep hygiene, I would most likely be ding-ding/dong-dong late into the night, anyway. Also, the drug of biggest concern has returned to the market just in time (BIG sigh). Although, who knows which one will be in shortage next?

We had our first glorious first real day of spring. After a breakfast of donuts and coffee (NOT for them! they had milk), we spent the entire morning outside, goofing around on the lawn, cleaning up the lawn and doing a little tidying up. We ducked inside for a quick lunch, and maintenance of the marathon laundry (see above) event for me, while the kids had an hour of quiet time. We went BACK out to the playground, got a hurried dinner and shuffled my fresh-smelling littles into their fluffy beds.

My best friend from my last office stopped by, my guy is driving home from a great gig, and I even got to drop off the plastic bag recycling at the store (in my attempt to be doing enough). And the nerdiest thing that has filled me with glee is discovering that the service spits out a report of ALL the prescription meds for each of us in whatever timeframe I request from ALL the pharmacies we use, so I never have to chase BPA-filled receipts to file my FSA claim forms, ever again. The close runner-up of nerd-alert? I just realized that the bottomless pit of cardboard boxes from Bo's medical supplies can be used to contain all our yardwaste for the city's monthly brush pick-up! Laziness score + recycling avoidance (the time and effort required to breakdown boxes for recycling is almost insulting) + freecycle avoidance + lawnwaste/kraftbag frugality savings $$!!

So, a red-letter day, full of sun, fresh air, and newly discovered efficiencies. Corny jokes, and made-up song lyrics to nursery rhymes. Goldfish crackers and secret gnomes (there's a small village in a huge knot in the tree around the corner from the house, which Ahn demands to "sthee gnomz?!" like 8 times a day). Lush green grass, crisp evenings, hot tea. The next 8 months always make up for the last 2 (because January and February are beloved because of their winteryness; whereas March and April are ALWAYS that way, and scorned for it). Maybe will put up a tree swing!

Maybe I'll read my bookclub book. Night, all!