Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a Nailbiter

For most of my youth and young adult life I felt like a girl waiting for a cause. With the energy and drive of ten men, I could have been the next Buddha, given the right initiative. Sadly, I was a bit, um, emotionally underdeveloped, and fortunately for me, I was privileged enough to have very little troubling my mind (thank you  to the Women's Rights and Civil Rights activists who made my laconic teenage years possible).

Right now, the IV drug shortages are threatening Bo's health. If we cannot get enough IV phoshphates and if the oral pills (which technically shouldn't work, but appear to be helping, but whose helping is nearly impossible to quantify because he doesn't absorb like a typical kid...) they want to admit him to the hospital. Theoretically, they would maintain a supply when infusion companies have run out. Except that the shortages are so severe, our hospital has also run out.

This is a big deal because his bones are already not as dense as they should be. Missing phosphorous would turn his underdense bones into brittle twigs. It would suck and be very painful.

So write your senator. Because no matter what the infusion companies, pharmacies or even doctors do, it's the voting citizen that the senators' lackeys are counting when they are deciding on legislation that needs more teeth/enforcement.

Other than that, just another day in paradise (40 degrees, grey and rainy with a high of 39 tomorrow).