Wednesday, May 28, 2014

15 minutes and 3 seconds to spare

I was at work yesterday from 7AM-12:20AM. So, yeah. I pulled a 17 hour day. The irony was, I wasn't any more tired than I am on a normal day. Our children are 3 and 6; and really high maintenance. So my long day, on the heels of a family-filled long weekend was only a source of torment to the littles, for whom re-entry into normalcy strikes like terrible jetlag. There is a lot of weeping to account for.

And the most complicated and valuable ANDA my Sr. Director has seen in her 17 years with the company was filed yesterday night, with 15 minutes and 3 seconds to spare. Within 20 hours, we were able to procure samples, turn testing and data around with quality checking and management approval, and drop data into my 4000 pages + ANDA. The submissions manager hit send at 10PM. The submissions gateway validated the document at 11:15PM and we received receipt of submission at 11:44:57PM.

I took a meeting on my cellphone from home, took Bo to school, went into the office for a short day, came back early to get the car (because the brakes stopped working at 7:01AM, yesterday, as I was rolling into a day I _knew_ would not end before midnight), gave the 2 sweaty kids baths and put everyone to bed ON TIME.

Bo got a sponge bath whilst still running TPN, a dressing change and stories. Ahnnie got degreased and three bedtime stories. Everyone was ready for bed, at bedtime.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to make a dent in the summer program registrations and plan a short vacation to the beach by my grandmother in-law's house.