Monday, July 30, 2012

We Love a Happy Ending

Bo had his DEXA bone scan and GI clinic today. I didn't go. I know! I was paralyzed with anxiety, even with all my meds, but I refrained from going. And guess what, guys? No one is dead (well, in my family)!

I thought I might be dying of breast cancer, but then I realized that since I only weaned my daughter 6 months ago (don't judge, ok? she was eating solids, and quite a bit, I might add, but was still hanging on; then, suddenly, she was over it!), that milk action was still hanging around.

So Bo is doing great, Ahn is completely boob-independent, I get to sleep through the night (bonus!), and Jose's started playing music again. Yay! I'm not dead. Probably can't do that cash-out refi to finance the anxiety-inducing plumbing thing, but, meh. That's small potatoes. Since I'm not dead, I can continue to work, get paid, and pay all the contractors to keep my house from crumbling into a pile of dust. AND... the weather won't climb above 90 degrees this week!

No drama, friends. That is a glorious thing.

Is it inhumane and colonialist to want to ride the elephant at the company picnic? Don't answer that.