Tuesday, August 6, 2013

midsummer's night dream

It seems that we've arrived on the shores of Valhalla after we finally gave up looking. Bo has made it through the hottest part of the summer without requiring hospitalization, and Ahn hasn't fallen on her head. So I call that a win.

I've still got a lot to learn in my current position (so I'm still not bored = good), and I'm still trying to decide how to best upend the applecart (for my midlife crisis). An obnoxious car seems too obvious (and too tacky), and really, not enough pain would be inflicted with this terminal project. We'll see.

Bo starts full-days of school in a few weeks, and Ahn will start preschool. I'm up way too late. And our old cars need more work than I'm ready to admit to anyone but my mechanic.

Nite, all!